One thing I love to do is creating fun things. I recently went to the MOXI. It is a museum in Santa Barbara, California, where you can touch, create and explore things. Some cool things they have there are tubes where air power makes puff balls travel around and drop out of the top of the tubes and a room where you can use clay or draw with robots.

Here are two pictures of the MOXI.


The picture below shows the big air traveling tubes. You place a puff ball in one of the slots and the air will suck up the ball and then it travels through the tubes in a swirly way. If you turn some knobs, the direction of the air and the puff ball can change. Eventually, the puff balls will come out from the top. Not all of the puff balls come out at the same place. Because of the knobs, they will go through different tubes and maybe change direction.



The next picture is taken outside. If you look closely you will see a car I built up with Lego. Using the supplies and the track at the MOXI, I made a little car for my tiny stuffed bear. With one push of my hand, he went up the track’s hill and ended up on the other side. If I pushed with too much force then the car crashed and the Lego broke apart. Below this track was a flat track with no hill. The flat track made the car go faster than the track with a hill.




In conclusion, I recommend going to the MOXI museum because it is a really fun and creative museum.


What do you like to create?

What do you build with Legos?