The View From My Backyard

I love my backyard! One of the reasons I love my backyard is because it has a beautiful view. Another reason is when it rains and stops raining, I see a beautiful rainbow. I see many sunsets at night. Where I live in, southern California, we just had a very big migration of butterflies. They came fluttering through my backyard.

Here is a photo that I took when there were dark clouds in the sky. A storm is rolling in!

Photo by Livy

Here is a photo about one hour later when the dark clouds had moved toward the north! As you can see, the view is always changing.

(Bold words are transitions. Transitions move the story along.)

Photo by Livy



Do you have a backyard with a beautiful view?

If not, tell me about a time when you were somewhere that had a great view.

What differences do you notice in the two pictures other than the different clouds? 


Lets go to the Liberty Bell!

We finally arrived at the outstanding Independence Hall! Let’s go see the Liberty Bell. OK, I really didn’t go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and to see the Liberty Bell, I really used virtual reality. With virtual reality, you look through  goggles and you can see places around the world.

My favorite stop along the way was the Liberty Bell.  Did you know that in 1776, the Liberty Bell rang to announce the independence of the U.S. from Great Britan? The Liberty Bell is mostly made of copper and tin. It weighs about 2,080 pounds [3.7 meters]. The Liberty Bell is 3 feet high. The Bell cracked in 1835, probably during the funeral of chief Jhon Marshal. The crack got bigger in 1846. Now that I have shared some facts about the Liberty Bell, here is a photo of it.



Photo from Google Earth and screenshotted by Livy

Have fun on the rest of the trip!


Have you been to the Independence Hall?

Do you have any facts about the Independence Hall?

Have you seen the Liberty Bell?

Spring is Here!

IT’S SPRING! That reminds me of this old saying,” April showers bring May flowers.” That saying means that sometimes it rains a lot in April, but then in May, many flowers bloom thanks to the water from the rain.


Photo by Livy

The weather in spring is warmer than Winter but not as warm as summer. In spring the days are longer than in winter, and more hours of sunlight. Some areas get rain in the spring.

Spring is the season between winter and summer. It takes one year for the earth to orbit around the sun, so by the time it is a new spring again, the earth will have orbited the sun one time. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring begins on March 20. But if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, spring begins in late September and fall begins in late March.

Are you wondering what animals do in the spring? Some animals migrate to warmer places for the winter then migrate back in spring. For example, recently where I live we experienced a migration of butterflies moving from the south to the north. Also, in the spring most birds lay their eggs. Later, the eggs hatch into little baby birds!

In the U.S., we celebrate Earth Day in the spring. We learn how our planet is changing and find out what we can do to help the environment. It is a chance to help the community and learn about how our forests are changing.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to celebrate Easter.

I also like to take pictures of flowers. Here are some photos I took of some beautiful spring flowers.



What do you like to do in the spring?

What do you notice about the flowers in my photos?

How are they different from one another and how are they alike?

My Amazing Avatar



Today in class we made avatars, and this is my avatar. I chose this pink dress because I love flowers. I chose this background because it has Snoopy, and I think that  Snoopy is adorable. Also, because I love dogs.

What do you like about my avatar?

Tell me about your avatar?