The View From My Backyard

I love my backyard! One of the reasons I love my backyard is because it has a beautiful view. Another reason is when it rains and stops raining, I see a beautiful rainbow. I see many sunsets at night. Where I live in, southern California, we just had a very big migration of butterflies. They came fluttering through my backyard.

Here is a photo that I took when there were dark clouds in the sky. A storm is rolling in!

Photo by Livy

Here is a photo about one hour later when the dark clouds had moved toward the north! As you can see, the view is always changing.

(Bold words are transitions. Transitions move the story along.)

Photo by Livy



Do you have a backyard with a beautiful view?

If not, tell me about a time when you were somewhere that had a great view.

What differences do you notice in the two pictures other than the different clouds? 


2 thoughts on “The View From My Backyard

  1. In England we call backyards ‘back gardens’. One of the reasons we moved to the house where we live is because of the view. We live in a tiny village called Farleton near Lancaster in the Lune Valley and from our back garden we can look across the valley to the green hills on the far side. Here is a link to a Flickr album of photos taken from walks and runs near my house:

  2. Hi Miss Puppy!

    First of all, I absolutely LOVE the picture of the super cute dog at the top of your blog. Is that your dog?

    You definitely have a beautiful view from your backyard. You should take a picture of a sunset and post it on your blog. I am sure it looks amazing. The best views I have seen are when I go hiking and I reach the very top!

    I am currently the Assistant Principal at CHS. Have you been to our school? I hope to meet you soon!

    Dr. Duncan

    P.S. I really appreciated how you bolded your transition phrases. What a great writing skill you are incorporating into your blog!

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