Lets go to the Liberty Bell!

We finally arrived at the outstanding Independence Hall! Let’s go see the Liberty Bell. OK, I really didn’t go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and to see the Liberty Bell, I really used virtual reality. With virtual reality, you look through  goggles and you can see places around the world.

My favorite stop along the way was the Liberty Bell.  Did you know that in 1776, the Liberty Bell rang to announce the independence of the U.S. from Great Britan? The Liberty Bell is mostly made of copper and tin. It weighs about 2,080 pounds [3.7 meters]. The Liberty Bell is 3 feet high. The Bell cracked in 1835, probably during the funeral of chief Jhon Marshal. The crack got bigger in 1846. Now that I have shared some facts about the Liberty Bell, here is a photo of it.



Photo from Google Earth and screenshotted by Livy

Have fun on the rest of the trip!


Have you been to the Independence Hall?

Do you have any facts about the Independence Hall?

Have you seen the Liberty Bell?

2 thoughts on “Lets go to the Liberty Bell!

  1. Hello Livy,

    Great tour using virtual reality. Am a teacher in Kenya which got independence in 1969 compared to America of 1776. Can you check Roboticwaffle’s blog on virtual reality tour at http:// roboticwaffle. edublog. org

    Thomas Oriya

  2. @ Livy,

    Wow! What an informative post about the Liberty Bell. I have never visited the Liberty Bell in person or using virtual reality, but your post really made it come alive for me! I would love to visit the Liberty Bell one day as well as other famous sites in Philadelphia such as Independence Hall, where the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution was adopted.

    I am so excited to see your Flag Counter go up! As you know, some of your extended family has contributed to that in a surprising way. Perhaps you will talk about that in a blog post soon!

    What is your favorite part of blogging so far?

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