Spring is Here!

IT’S SPRING! That reminds me of this old saying,” April showers bring May flowers.” That saying means that sometimes it rains a lot in April, but then in May, many flowers bloom thanks to the water from the rain.


Photo by Livy

The weather in spring is warmer than Winter but not as warm as summer. In spring the days are longer than in winter, and more hours of sunlight. Some areas get rain in the spring.

Spring is the season between winter and summer. It takes one year for the earth to orbit around the sun, so by the time it is a new spring again, the earth will have orbited the sun one time. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring begins on March 20. But if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, spring begins in late September and fall begins in late March.

Are you wondering what animals do in the spring? Some animals migrate to warmer places for the winter then migrate back in spring. For example, recently where I live we experienced a migration of butterflies moving from the south to the north. Also, in the spring most birds lay their eggs. Later, the eggs hatch into little baby birds!

In the U.S., we celebrate Earth Day in the spring. We learn how our planet is changing and find out what we can do to help the environment. It is a chance to help the community and learn about how our forests are changing.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to celebrate Easter.

I also like to take pictures of flowers. Here are some photos I took of some beautiful spring flowers.



What do you like to do in the spring?

What do you notice about the flowers in my photos?

How are they different from one another and how are they alike?

4 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. Hello there. Happy Spring!

    I like your photos of flowers very much. The colors are very vivid. Your best photo is the large one of the single flower in the middle of your post. You took it somewhere there was shade and no shadows, so the light looks soft on the flower. You might want to put captions on your photos so people like me, who don’t know a rose from a violet, could learn the name of the flowers.

    I’m in Egypt, so we don’t have a harsh winter. Still, spring is a time for flowers and soon the country will celebrate Sham El Nessim, which is a spring festival that goes back to the time of the pharaohs! People celebrate by eating fish and fresh green onions. There are some hieroglyphs on some ancient temples that show the pharaoh eating them. I think that is pretty amazing!

    Hope you enjoy your April showers and May flowers!

    Mrs. Fitzgerald
    Cairo American College, Egypt

  2. Dear Livy,

    I really like your blog post! I also live in the U.S., and my family has roses of all colors along the side of our house! The pictures that you have of flowers are beautiful. Right now, we are really getting the April showers. It is constantly pouring. In the spring, I love to relax in our hammocks and play with our 5 bunnies, 3 guinea pigs, turtle, and all our other wonderful pets! I also enjoy to spend time with my sister who is in collage from Fall-Winter. Do you grow any flowers? Do you have any pets?

    My blog is: http://bit.ly/sbcweek5blogging (For week 5. Paste in URL bar)

  3. Dear Livy,
    I live in Colorado. I really liked your story about spring. I also love spring and all of the beautiful flowers. I was wondering what your favorite flower is? Would you come and see my class blog? http://foster4dl.edublogs.org/

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