The MOXI in Santa Barbara

One thing I love to do is creating fun things. I recently went to the MOXI. It is a museum in Santa Barbara, California, where you can touch, create and explore things. Some cool things they have there are tubes where air power makes puff balls travel around and drop out of the top of the tubes and a room where you can use clay or draw with robots.

Here are two pictures of the MOXI.


The picture below shows the big air traveling tubes. You place a puff ball in one of the slots and the air will suck up the ball and then it travels through the tubes in a swirly way. If you turn some knobs, the direction of the air and the puff ball can change. Eventually, the puff balls will come out from the top. Not all of the puff balls come out at the same place. Because of the knobs, they will go through different tubes and maybe change direction.



The next picture is taken outside. If you look closely you will see a car I built up with Lego. Using the supplies and the track at the MOXI, I made a little car for my tiny stuffed bear. With one push of my hand, he went up the track’s hill and ended up on the other side. If I pushed with too much force then the car crashed and the Lego broke apart. Below this track was a flat track with no hill. The flat track made the car go faster than the track with a hill.




In conclusion, I recommend going to the MOXI museum because it is a really fun and creative museum.


What do you like to create?

What do you build with Legos?


11 thoughts on “The MOXI in Santa Barbara

  1. @ Livy,

    First of all, I love your blog title! I like the alliteration in a title!

    I have never been to or even heard of MOXI. Thank you for featuring the interesting museum in your post.

    Creating and learning are fun for me too. You said the puff ball would come out of the top. Could you then grab it and send it on a different path? Was it easy to follow the path of the puff ball with your eyes or did it travel too quickly?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • @Mrs.Yollis,

      Thank you for your comment. You asked about the puff balls. They shoot out of the tubes in different places. Yes, you can grab them as they shoot out and then put them back in and turn the knobs. As far as following the path of the puff balls, for me it was easy. However, for my mom it was hard to follow the path.

      Do you plan to go to the MOXI? Do you think you will make a post about it?

      I think the part you will like the most is the rooftop garden.

      Your blogging buddy,

  2. Livy,
    I love your pic of the track with your bear! It’s really cool!
    I like building stuff too! Out of anything really!
    What else did you build at the MOXI?
    Did you draw with the robots? If so, was it fun?
    And was it hard? I would think so!
    I would love to go to the MOXI!

    • @Adiah,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I did draw with the robots. They were really small and each robot had a face. The robots used coding to follow paths that I drew. It was not hard and it was really fun. There was a light-up wall that you could put little pegs into and the pegs will light-up. I made a light-up rainbow and a purple light-up flower.

      What is your favorite type of material to use when you build?

      Your blogging buddy,

      • Livy,
        When I build I mostly use cardboard and Legos. My favourite materials to use are probably just interesting things I find in my recycling. What are some of your favourite things to do? (other than building).

        This is my blog link (If it doesn’t work, then just copy and paste it into your internet browser)


    • @tylerr19,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. I think your blog is awesome! I like how every post has a sports theme. I can tell you are a sports fan.

      What is your favorite professional team?

      Your blogging buddy,

  3. @Livy,

    What a great post! Your description of the MOXI has clearly inspired others to visit it! I especially like the way you did not show anyone’s faces in the photos without their permission and the way you had a strong conclusion. Also your descriptions are very clear!

    I am noticing one thing that could be added to your post: photo credit! I think I know who took these colorful pictures; maybe you should give her credit. 😉

    I hope you will post again soon about something else that you have recently created. What is your favorite thing to make? Do you like to follow specific instructions for projects such as crafts and baking or do you prefer to just gather a bunch of supplies and see what happens?

    Your #1 Fan

    • @Lisa
      Thank you for the comment! My favorite thing to make was, the puffballs because I liked to put them in the tubes and catch them when they come out. I know that you’re my #1 Fan because you’re my mom. When you went what was your favorite thing to make?

      Your blogging buddy,

  4. @Livy,

    Hello! I am an experienced 11-year old blogger. I have posted comments and made posts on my own blogs. I think blogging is fun and a cool hobby.

    You talked about the MOXI. I have actually been there, but only once. However, I still explored a lot of it. The puff ball machine was a really fun part of it. The picture you included of the puff ball machine really shows the viewer how the machine worked. It also showed the science of where an object goes depending what you do with the tubes and knob to people using it.

    You also included a picture of a Lego car you made for your stuffed bear. That was pretty cute. If you made that, you must be a very good Lego builder! It looked like a nice partly cloudy day outside. It was also kind of partly cloudy when I went.

    Did you have a favorite part of the MOXI? Or what are your top three favorite parts of it? What was the coolest/most amazing part in your opinion?

    Keep making cool posts!

    An 11-year old blogger named Nolan (Your brother!)

    • @Nolan,

      Thank you for the comment. My favorite part of the MOXI was probably the puff balls. My three favorite parts were the puff balls, the rooftop garden, and the lego cars. When you went, what was your favorite part?

      Your blogging buddy
      Livy ♥

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