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Today in class we made avatars, and this is my avatar. I chose this pink dress because I love flowers. I chose this background because it has Snoopy, and I think that  Snoopy is adorable. Also, because I love dogs.

What do you like about my avatar?

Tell me about your avatar?



10 thoughts on “My Amazing Avatar

  1. @ Livy,

    I also love dogs because I have one. In answer to your question, my avatar has the same background as yours. Also, my avatar has sunglasses and a blue jacket. If you want to visit my blog here is the link:

    Your blogging buddy,
    Finley Paw

  2. Dear Livy,

    I love dogs too. I really want to get a dog. Too bad my mom and dad won’t let me. I also like doing arts and crafts.

    What have you made in arts and craft lately?


  3. Your avatar looks so friendly and happy and the scene you placed her in is inviting. It makes me want to jump into it and meet your dog.

    I like dogs too. I have a cocker spaniel named Posey. She is black and white. Her favorite part of the day is mealtime. She loves eating. She is very friendly. I love Posey.

  4. Hi Livy,
    I really like your blog because it’s really colourful.
    Your avatar looks really cute and friendly.
    I have two dogs, one dog called Doogie who is two years old and another called Georgie who is almost fifteen.
    I like Snoopy as well because he is really cute and adventurous.
    I hope we can chat soon, here’s my blog

    Kind regards,

  5. That avatar looks like a Charlie Brown scene! It Is really cool!
    P.S. I like your blog name, it”s my favorite!

  6. @finleypaw,

    Thanks for the comment! Well, finleypaw, I love dogs too. This weekend, I went to Arizona and spent time with my cousins and their two dogs. One of the dogs is a Boston Terrier-French bulldog mix and the other is an Australian Shepherd who is so fluffy and soft.

    What is your favorite breed of dog? My favorite is the beagle.

    I checked out your blog and I have a question about your avatar post.
    Do you know what the little yellow bird’s name is?

    Your blogging buddy,

  7. Dear Livy
    I like your background. What kind of flowers do you like? Do you like big or small dogs?

  8. Dear Livy,
    Hello! I’m hmskaya. I love Snoopy too and dogs in general! What is your favorite breed? I personally like corgis! I also love your avatar! It’s very creative. I’m glad to know you also love flowers! I do too! Since you might be reading this post Come Check Out My Blog
    Have a great day,

  9. Dear Livy,

    I am hmskira and I love your avatar. It´s so cute and adorable! I really liked how you used that theme of Snoopy.

    1. I love your avatar so much! It is very cute and creative.

    2. My avatar looks more realistic. It kind of looks exactly like me except for the hair.

    Come check out My Blog!


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